Merry xmas!

If you wonder why Santa did´t come… burp… Have a nice one :)

Can´t wait!!!!

I look so much forward to Christmas that I keep going out of my good skin. This will be the first real Christmas of mine! And first in Norway, and it’s here Santa Claus lives. Then Zhivago comes to stay with me for 12 days. And there will be gifts. And the food. And mom has said she will take in a tree and decorate it properly so that we get an incredibly convenient inndoor toilet! Why is not Christmas every day? I think I´m going insane!



Outfit of the day

We notice that those pink, girl, outfit of the day blogs are really popular. So we try to hit the wave. Not that we are such pink boy dogs, but because we are so masculine that we just don´t care what other dogs say about us. Not that there’s anything wrong in being a pink-dog blogger, but we like our ladies.  Zhivago loves Corinne, while Haggis is a teenager boy with hormones that fluctuate according to wind direction. Anyways, we’ve got new scarves in the NordnesMafia! By Corinne’s mom! It must mean that Zhivago is slightly on the right side of Corinne, does it not? When it rains gifts? And her mom has made ​​them from scratch! And now the NordnesMafia is just chugging around, and have the world’s toughest reflex scarves! We are just hard-core!



I dag har hele Republikken feiret, flagget og danset i gatene. Hvorfor det? Jo, fordi Mafiaen yngre (AKA Haggis, AKA Narkolepsihunden, AKA Skjønningen) feiret ettårsdagen i dag. Mor disket opp med deilig kake med lys (au) og visste nøyaktig hva en ulvehund ønsker seg til bursdagen – en oksestrupe. Ahhhh! Pssscchhht! Deilig. Ikke fullt så gøy med det blå greiene jeg måtte ha på hodet.