Looong time

Yep, it’s been a long time since you heard from me. It’s not because I’m a lazy slob, but because I live with one! The secretary has simply been on strike! He has laid on the couch with posters and banners calling for more leisure and less work for more pay. So I had to starve him out. He has only had root beer since Christmas,and now he is so exhausted that he has given up. Haha! I, however, has done a lot of things. Among other things, I’ve been in bed with the mother, for that is what i like the best!

I love my mom!
I love my mom!


You and me mom, you and me!
You and me mom, you and me!


Extending our protection

As you all know, Nordnesmafiaen has taken on the difficult task of protecting the Republic of Nordnes throughout 2011. Through christmas we extended our coverage through town and half of Sandviken from our trip to Hellen Fort. No bastard cat were able to sneak into town that way.


The Mafia protecting town from Hellen Fort


The Godfather raises young mafiosi

Gudfaren setter ungdommen på plass, både ute


og inne


The narcoleptic dog celebreates winter

Lovely spot for a little nap

Hundeparken er en fin ting, men av og til kan det bli litt mye. Da er det greit å kunne finne roen på en passende plass.