Summer time!!

Finally summer! And why not take it all the way? Sun block on the nose and hat against sunburn. Dried fish and beer! I feeeeel gooooooood!!!!!

Summer time!!

Summer time!!

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7 comments til “Summer time!!”

  • Comment from Haggispappa

    Å, Zhivago! Så brun du er blitt! Er det mor som har glemt å smøre deg? Uansett: Meget kledelig sommerhatt (men så er det jo sånn at alt kler den smukke)…

    • Comment from Erika

      Ooh, strange that you sluhod reference Dr. Zhivago as being one of your favourite films. It’s one of mine, too and just the other day on my website, I included the music of the theme tune the dreamiy romantic SOMEWHERE MY LOVE.This is a great post, Lynn and the snowy photo is very Zhivago-like!

  • Comment from Corinne

    Va vacker du är! Trevlig sommar!!

  • Comment from Tassen

    Stilig sommerhatt må jeg si… Mangler bare solbriller nå, så er du skikkelig sommercool!!!

  • Comment from Bigdogzola

    Yep your’re looking good Zhivago..enjoy the Norwegian sun..My friend Poodle Cleo is having a long holiday at her cabin in Norway by a beer for her though!

  • Comment from Corinne

    Va då? Bloggar Doktorn inte längre..?

  • Comment from Zola

    Hiya Zhivago
    Have you got your winter hat out yet? Hows it going?

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