Hermann Friele said it well: - It is not for us from Bergen to brag. We just tell it like it is.

Well, this weekend it was time to seriously hit the ring. Against the big boys. Those who make moms  knees shiver and her voice shaky. Even though she says I’m the most beautiful of them all, I have learned there’s a difference to ending first and having to leave the ring with my tail well tucked between my legs. But last weekend I put on my most beautiful smile and charmed the Italian judge completely. Admittedly, he liked a guy called Pavarotti better, but still gave me a big Cert and reserve CACIB, which I understand is pretty good. My family has given me lots of sweets and started calling me cert-dog and stuff, so I think they were happy.

Happy mom and big brother, but I still believe the trophy was wimpy.

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3 comments til “Pricedog”

  • Comment from Linda

    Haggis! Du overrasker stadig og vi er bare imponert over deg!! Best når det gjelder!!!! Stort grattis til et stort Cert!!!

  • Comment from bigdogzola

    Congratualtions! Heehee…well done! Yes it can be a bit scary in a show. You’re right the trophy is a little wimpy- humpf!… nevermind…maybe your big brother could use it as an egg cup for soft boiled
    bigdogzola´s last [type] ..Happy Birthday Zola & Toffee

  • Comment from Emre

    Grattis, Haggis! Jeg får ikke stille i det hele tatt siden jeg er en blandingshund og ikke godkjent av NKK, men who cares? Jeg er jo finest i verden uansett, sies det. Så da så.
    Emre´s last [type] ..Endelig er ventetida over

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