Let there be blood

I notice that there’s too much pepper on my secretary here. Not that he did not need it, he does not taste like dried fish, but I have not just been laid on the couch as an old forgotten cheese doodle. Has managed to drag both the one and the other human out the door from time to time. Here a little while ago I went to do something called “blood-tracking”. To be honest my secretary faints when he sees blood, so it was Haggis-mom who took me. And it was fun! Who had laid the track? Corinne’s mom! And then of course Corinne was there! And bloody hell, then blood can blood for my part! I ate the roast beef they offered me and gave a good day for the entire track. Corinne was there! Just look here!

Come back Corinne!!!!
Come back Corinne!!!!


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3 comments til “Let there be blood”

  • Comment from Corinne

    Doktorn var himla god på at eta roastbeef!! Och å busa med mej ;)

  • Comment from Tassen

    Wow! Damer og biff høres slett ikke dumt ut… God vinterferie på Sulo, jeg ferierer i Kvitfjell og bjeffer på slalomkledde folk som svever forbi her høyt oppi lufta (i skiheisen).
    Tassen´s last [type] ..Gått glipp av noe gøy…

  • Comment from Emre

    Kos deg på Sulo! Jeg skal holde fortet i byen i helga, men satser på tur til min nyervervede mafiabeskytterøy om ikke lenge :-)
    Emre´s last [type] ..Friday Fugees

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