Wasn´t me!!!!

They say it’s me. That stole the cake. Becouse there is no trace of a cake shovel. And since I do not have thumbs so therefore, it is me. Scandal! I would not have done it like that! If I had stolen the cake there would not been a bit again! Not one! Therefore I demand a full examination of stomach contents of all the house members. This is miscarriage of justice!

Wasn´t me!!!!

Wasn´t me!!!!

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2 comments til “Wasn´t me!!!!”

  • Comment from Troja

    Eg støttar deg fullt ut. Eg får åg alltid skylden i sånne tilfællar. Stigmatisering!
    Troja´s last [type] ..ADHD

  • Comment from Mathias

    The remains on the table suggest that anyone here was disturbed ..

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