The dogs in the park

We in the Republic of Nordnes have of course a dog park. Actually, it´s for human children, but we don´t care. For it´s under the administration of the NordnesMafia in the evening. And who dares to fool around with the mob? We just ask? Sometimes it’s a crazy night, such as last. I think we were 9 dogs, and all were boys. Well boys and bays, half of the pack are neutered … Not withstanding, the 9 boys together and almost everything cheerful​​. Only one small fight (of course by the neutered boys), but I stopped it with a bark. Who fools around when the Godfather barks? No one!

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2 comments til “The dogs in the park”

  • Comment from bigdogzola

    Wow – I’m just loving the Nordnes night park… you need a few girl doggies in there to get the party started! Brrr..snow!

  • Comment from Tassen

    Å gudameg, som jeg ønsker meg en hundepark her i nærheten også…. Men heldigvis har jeg skogen hvor jeg kan få boltre meg litt :-)

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