Summer time!!

Finally summer! And why not take it all the way? Sun block on the nose and hat against sunburn. Dried fish and beer! I feeeeel gooooooood!!!!!

Summer time!!

Summer time!!

Kosher? Don’t think so…




Exploited by the bourgoise press

Life is hard. What’s a dog to do? Mom is inside shopping. Like any normal dog, I take a nap. Who’s coming by if not a photographer from the hated bourgoise press? Does he ask me for a picture like any civil person would? no. Does he at least scratch my itch behind the ear? No. The bastard just grabs his camera to take a picture of me. Could he be any ruder?

As if that in itself wasn’t enough. The bastard publish my photo. In the bourgoise press.

And there’s more. The text is nothing if not harassment and bullying. Lazy? Ha!

I have talked to my lawyer and the Godfather. They have both agreed to have a stroll over to the glass house those bastard are occyping and leave some good cables there. Inside, we will seek out the editor and demand compensation. And photographer Vegar Valde: Nordnes-mafian know where you live. Watch your back!

Just one more thing before we start all this action. A small nap…

The Borgoise Press does harassment and sniper shooting. The text translated: And here: A  representative of the breed “lazy”. While others in the pack are sent inside to get food, this bloke utilizes his time for another longed for nap.